COVID-19 Health & Safety

You are not permitted to enter this park if:

  • You have traveled outside of Canada in the past 14 days
  • You have recently, or are currently experiencing flu-like symptoms
  • You have been in close proximity to someone else within the past 14 days who has had flu-like symptoms

It is recommended that anyone 70 years of age or older refrain from entering our facility and engaging in use of our attractions

Any individuals with serious underlying medical conditions or are immune compromised should not attend

Here’s what you can do to help us keep everyone safe:

  • Bring a mask or face-covering with you.  It is currently required that guests must wear a mask when entering our facility.  Masks are also required inside the park whenever social distancing cannot be maintained and wherever signs indicate to do so (such as Points of Sale queuing).  Requirements/recommendations subject to change depending on public health requirements.
  • Masks MUST NOT be worn in pools, slides, or other water attractions – Regional Authorities strictly prohibit the wearing of masks in the water. Masks should be kept dry in a plastic ziploc bag when not in use.
  • Maintain safe levels of social distancing (at least 2 Meters from other social units) within the park at all times
  • Limit interactions to your social unit within the park at all times
  • Wash your hands frequently; when you arrive and exit, before and after each bathroom visit, before and after sharing commonly touched surfaces
  • Do not touch your face with your hands
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow and away from others around you
  • Refrain from unnecessary trips to the restrooms
  • Shower before you leave home and after your return home
  • Be kind and calm and whenever possible, please leave it to our capable staff to approach guests that may need reminding of the Rules.

More knowledge about the coronavirus is being gathered by science every day. Based on best science available, Regional Health Authorities state that the virus isn’t spread through chlorinated pool water when the proper amount of chlorine is added to pool water. Properly chlorinated pool water kills germs, including viruses. The amount of chlorine in the water needs to be properly maintained in order for its disinfectant qualities to be effective. This is why our Water Quality Pool Managers test chlorine and pH levels throughout the day and make adjustments as needed.

Exposure to COVID-19 is an inherent risk in any public location where people are present. While we are constantly working to mitigate all risks, we cannot guarantee you will not be exposed during your visit. All Guests should evaluate their risk in determining whether to attend, and should do their best to follow hygiene recommendations from our public health officials.

In addition to your good habits and cooperation, we are:

  • Constantly cleaning high traffic, high-touch areas, such as bathrooms, railings, employee workstations (including, but not limited to, customer service areas).
  • Equipping all towers, slide waiting areas, food and customer service zones with barriers, queuing line controls, fences, gates, dividers, and safe-distance markings. Signage is also posted at key locations throughout the park to remind guests to maintain safe physical distance.
  • Providing hand-sanitizing stations at several locations throughout the park, including all points of sale zones. Signage is placed at key locations throughout the park to remind guests of the importance of frequently washing hands.

Putting customer and employee safety first. All employees are trained in COVID-19 Health & Safety, provided with PPE and hand-washing stations separate from our guests, and are routinely tasked with cleaning workstations and common areas and surfaces throughout the park.

Social Distancing within the park will be constantly supervised and maintained in accordance with a detailed and structured park access control system (details below).

  • Cultus Lake Waterpark relies upon the good judgement, support, and cooperation of its patrons to maintain safe social distancing
  • Cultus Lake Waterpark has modified its operations in response to the threat and risks that COVID-19 poses to large non-distancing groups. For this reason, groups entering the facility together will be restricted to small social units.
  • Within the park, these social units must maintain a separation of 2 meters or greater from other social units, employees, and anyone else within the park.
  • In order to achieve this, the amount of admissions made available will be greatly reduced.
  • The quantity of groups allowed within the park during any given day will vary depending time of day and on individual group sizes.
  • Park capacity is monitored on a daily basis to verify that the areas throughout the park can easily hold this number of guests or groups inside, without jeopardizing the necessary spacing of 2 meters per social unit.
  • “Group Here” spacing dots will be used as a way to ensure distancing among other groups attending Cultus Lake Waterpark.
  • “Group Here” spaces will be distanced at roughly 3 meters each allowing for multiple people in a single social unit to occupy a dot and not infringe on the social units on either side of them.  This same system will be applied at Entrance areas and throughout the park.
  • All towers & ride queues which did not previously offer distancing of 2 meters have been redesigned so that individuals waiting to ride can do so at a safe distance from others. Most walkway areas within the park have an adequate width to permit groups to pass and maintain distancing requirements.
  • All multi-occupant tubes and rafts can only be shared with members of the same social unit.  So basically, you can do every double tube slide or multi-person raft as long it is the members of your social unit that accompany you!
  • In order to ensure safe distance, all tube and raft slides are “single vehicle rides” (one tube or raft on flume at any one time) except for the Radical Rapids and Colossal Canyon (Both of these fast-moving rides carry a maximum of 4 sequentially dispatched tubes/rafts to ensure safe-distancing at all times)
  • All body slides are single occupant flumes. Sliders are not dispatched to go down the slide until the previous slider has safely exited the flume below. Parents with children under 36 inches tall may be permitted to accompany their Junior slider on slides that meet the minimum safe-height requirement (which excludes single-rider-only: Freefall, Speedslide, Bazooka Bowls, Zero-60 Raceway).
  • Zero-60 Raceway has five side-by-side individual lanes with adequate spacing between lanes.
  • The Pools, Hot-tubs, and Lazy River, Tot’s Castle Wading Pool are monitored by our Water Safety team, who along with your cooperation, will restrict occupancy of these bodies of water and physical distancing to their posted limits.
  • Pirates Cove and the Family Spray Park are open play areas with posted occupancy limits and generous space to easily accommodate physical distancing.  Children 8 years and under are required to be within arms reach of an Adult at all times.
  • Hand-sanitizing stations at several locations throughout the park, including all points of sale and ride zones. Signage is placed at key locations throughout the park to remind guests of the importance of frequently washing hands.
  • Customer and employee safety comes first. All employees are trained in COVID-19 Health & Safety, provided with PPE and hand-washing stations separate from our guests, and are routinely tasked with cleaning workstations and common areas and surfaces throughout the park.

Slide Restrictions & Rules 

Yes! There are whole areas of the park dedicated to toddlers. Infants and Toddlers can enjoy:

  • Fully Themed Tots Castles
  • Family Spray Park
  • Fully Themed Pirates’ Cove
  • Turtle Pool & Slides
  • Hot Tubs
  • Adventure River
  • Blasters & Twisters (Must Ride with an Adult)

Click here for Height Restrictions

There’s plenty to do for all heights & ages! Click Here for a full list of height restrictions.

Maximum individual weight permitted on rides is 300 Lbs.

All of our pools and slides are supervised by trained water safety personnel, however parents should not leave their children unattended.

The following Body & Tube Slides can be Doubled: (Height Restrictions Apply)

  • Body Slides: Blasters & Twisters
  • Tube Slides: Valley of Fear, Tubular Terror, Colossal Canyon, Boomerang, Radical Rapids

No, due to manufacturers’ and safety guidelines, pregnant women must not use the slides.

Entry Rules & Restrictions

No. Under our modified operations, due to COVID-19, handstamps, wristbands, or other re-entry credentials are not permitted.  Once you get in, please stay in the park until your are ready to leave. Your paid Admission Expires upon exiting the Park. No exceptions.

See more info about 2020 Admissions Rules

Yes! You can bring your own food from home, however outside restaurant food will not be permitted into the park (ex: Pizza, subs, doughnuts, etc). You can bring your own beverages as long as they are commercially sealed. Glass Bottles & Alcohol are NOT permitted.

We strongly urge all guests to limit the amount of belongings brought into the park. Travel light. This is a health & safety precaution and will also assist us all in a fast-moving streamlined entrance process.

See more info about 2020 Admissions Rules

  • Opened Beverages, Glass Bottles, Outside Restaurant food
  • Drugs, Alcohol, or illegal substances
  • Sharp Objects, Weapons, or knives
  • BBQ’s and other personal cooking devices
  • Pets or animals

See more info about 2020 Admissions Rules

Personal BBQ’s (and other cooking devices) are NOT permitted into the park. Neither is tailgating in the parking lot.

See more info about 2020 Admissions Rules

Children under the age of 8 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children over the age of 8 may be unaccompanied by an adult, please use your discretion & remember to pre-arrange a pick-up time.

See more about 2020 Admissions Rules

Pets and animals are not permitted into the facility and must not be locked in vehicles while parked in our lot. RCMP will be notified of any pets left in vehicles. Click Here to see local animal daycare facilities.

See more about 2020 Admissions Rules

BBQ’s, Lockers, & Other Rentals

BBQ rentals are not available for the Summer of 2020.

  • All Locker rentals come with a key for unlimited in/out access to your locker while it is being rented
  • Our larger “Family Locker” rentals are a $15.00 charge, plus a $5.00 deposit which will be held until the return of the locker key
  • Standard Locker rentals are a $5.00 charge, plus a $5.00 deposit which will be held until the return of the locker key
  • Lockers and keys are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by our trained staff between every individual use

See more about Rentals

Only Lockers are for rent in 2020.  Every key and locker will be cleaned and disinfected after each use.

There are more than 150 shelter and shade areas with picnic tables that are available for FREE on a first-come, first served basis.

Tents, camping gear, and other shelters are not permitted into the park during 2020 Modified Operations.

See more about 2020 Admissions Rules

Life jackets are provided free of charge and are required for small children and weak or non swimmers. They can be borrowed at our Activity Booth.

Life Jackets will be separated and disinfected between each use.


There are no special rates or discounts for 2020.  There will be one General Admission price required for each person occupying capacity within the Park. No exceptions (except a child under 36″ is free with paid adult).

See more about 2020 Admissions Rules

We Accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Interac Debit Cards. We cannot except American Express.

Nightslide Concerts have been cancelled for 2020 due to COVID-19.

All entrants to the park must pay the posted admission fees regardless of if you use the slides or pools. Our fees apply to everyone entering the facility.

See more about 2020 Admissions Rules

No, we do not sell a multi-person pass. All entrants into the park must have their own individual ticket. Click Here to see our prices.

No, we do not sell season or multi-day passes. All Waterpark tickets are single visit tickets.

We do not sell gift cards specifically. There are no gift voucher options for sale in 2020.

No, we do not have birthday party packages. Due to COVID-19, groups are limited to a maximum of six people/social unit while visiting the park.  All entrants pay the regular General Admission Fee.

See more about 2020 Admission Rules

Pools & Facilities

Yes! All Pools, Slides, and Water Features are heated & chlorinated.

Yes, there are 3 Washroom/Change Room zones situated within the park. Occupancy limits are posted at all locations. Bathrooms will not be opened to the public until they have been cleaned, sanitized, and inspected by a Supervisor. During hours of operation, hospitality staff will routinely cycle through the park cleaning, stocking, and maintaining the restroom facilities.

  • Many of our guests use the washroom/change room facilities (men’s and women’s) located in our main building
  • Our Central Washrooms can be found at the center of the park, beside the Children’s spray park area. This building also consists 4 Family Change Rooms containing a toilet, sink, baby change table, and handicapped assist railings.
  • Our Newly renovated West side Washrooms are located to the far west of the park, nearest to the Pirates’ Cove and Zero-60 Attractions.

Due to COVID-19, Health Authorites are strongly recommending that guests come “Swim Ready”

  • Shower before you leave home.
  • Arrive wearing your swimwear
  • Do not make unnecessary visits to the restrooms
  • Shower after you arrive back at home

Yes! There are more than 150 shelter and shade areas with of picnic tables that are available for FREE on a first-come, first served basis.

Please note that due to Provincial safe-distancing requirements and reduced capacities & hours of operation, personal tents and umbrellas, camping gear, and other large items will not be permitted with you into the park this Summer.  See more about 2020 Admissions Rules

We have a Designated Smoking area located at the back of the Park near the entrance of Zero-60 Raceway and Tubular Terror.


Our paved parking lot located directly in front of the Waterpark is reserved for Waterpark customers only, and in 2020, due to modified operations, parking here is free -during your visit – with a Paid Waterpark Admission (License Plate registration is required).

Arrive early for your session to find a good parking space – while spaces last! Click Here for more information on Waterpark Parking.

Public Pay Parking in Cultus Lake is also available to customers. This includes the gravel lot located behind the waterslides and one located beside Cultus Lake Adventure Park; these lots are independently metered and operated by the City (and does not belong to the Waterpark). More information on Cultus Lake Public Parking can be found Here. 

Trailer, bus, and RV parking is available just a few minutes walk away in Cultus Lake’s Public Parking Lots (owned and operated by the city).


Due to Provincial distancing and capacity restrictions we will not be offering Group Bookings for the Summer of 2020. Small groups and families visiting the park will be limited to a maximum of six individuals per social unit. Individual Admission pricing will apply equally to all entrants to the park. Reservations are unavailable at this time. Visitors are urged to become familiar with our modified hours and arrive early.

In-Park Food & Beverages

Modified Food Services: The Espresso Hut & Main Foods Concession Stand will be open (other food outlets will be closed).
Enjoy Great Park Burgers, Pizza-by-the-Slice, Fries, Chicken Strips, and Onion Rings. Plus all your favorite Cafe beverages, Ice Cream & Cold Drinks. Our Food Services will be open when you first enter the park & during the intermission -between the AM and PM Sessions to keep you filled and fueled for FUN!

Yes! Waterpark guests are welcome to bring in their own food and drink to enjoy but please note the following restrictions. (1) No alcohol is permitted on the premises and all other beverages entering the park must be commercially labelled and sealed. (2) BBQs and other portable cooking devices are not permitted. (3) Outside restaurant food is not permitted in the park.

Food variety and selection has been greatly reduced for the 2020 season.  Main options will be concession food.  Guests are permitted to bring in food and healthy snacks from home.

Nearby Accommodations & Campsites

Cultus Lake is an amazing Getaway Destination with lots of nearby camping and lodging options to choose from! The 2 closest campgrounds are Sunnyside Campground (604-858-5253) and the Cultus Lake Provincial Campgrounds (604-858-4905). Click Here for more information on all campgrounds & accommodations.