Employment jobs and cultus lake water park
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jobs employment at cultus lake adventure park
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“The fast pace of the work environment, coupled with the great management and fun staff make the days go by easily.”

“Fantastic Summer Job!”

We provide over 300 jobs to High School and University students every year. Many of our employees return year after year because top priority is given to maintaining their satisfaction; and ensuring a safe, clean, and fun work environment. Destination Cultus will continue to strive to be a top tourist destination for BC and Western Canada. If you are looking for work experience in the tourism industry, why not start with a highly established tourist attraction!

With numerous opportunities to advance across all departments, many find the opportunity to lead and train others.

Destination Cultus Employment FAQ

  • The minimum age requirement for most positions at Destination Cultus is 15 years old.
  • The minimum age requirement for be a Rides Operator at Cultus Lake Adventure Park is 16 Years Old.
  • The starting pay rate for a first year seasonal employee is $15.20 for our 2021 season.
  • For best consideration apply early!
  • However, the applications will remain open for the majority of the summer! We continue to accept applications and contact applicants throughout the season, as positions become available .
  • You will receive an email when your application has been successfully received
  • We receive a high volume of applications, and will only be further contacting applicants who are actively being considered for a position.
  • It is important that you apply using an email that you actively use
  • We provide thorough on the job training for all of our front-line positions. However, if you already have certifications we would like to hear about them!
  • Some certifications are required for more elevated roles within our department(s).
  • If you are in a Food Service role, we will arrange and reimburse you to get your Food Safe Certificate.
  • Enthusiastic and driven individual who enjoys working as part of a team and delivering excellent customer service
  • Is Responsible and Engaged in one’s work, upholding safety and cleanliness as utmost importance
  • Has good summer availability – we like to know your availability for the entire season up-front so we can build our schedules in advance. Having good availability during our peak days and weekends is important to us.
  • Is dependable to show up on-time to one’s shifts, and has a reliable mode of transportation to and from work
  • A fast-paced, engaging, and fun work environment, where safety and cleanliness are top priority.
  • High expectations for professionalism, performance, and conduct in the workplace.
  • Quality Training and Experience –  experience to add to your resume and references that are trusted across the community.
  • A competitive pay rate based on experience within the company