Project Description

Wilderness Trail

Parents and children alike will enjoy this creative playground environment. The Wilderness trail features 5 (five) suspension bridges, over 120 feet of caves and tunnels, monkey bars, balance beams, and much more! Kids can skip across the splash pad, climb through giant hollow logs, take a ride on the relic mining-cart, or climb up to the treehouse. And, if you are feeling really brave, try traversing above the beaten path on the tightrope!

Cost to Play

Entry to the Wilderness Trail is included with General Admission (See Prices)

Panning for hidden gems  is optional and cost ($10/bag) is not included with Admission and must be purchased separately at the Trail entrance. (See details)

Who Can Play

  • Must be over 42″ tall to play unaccompanied
  • Children under 42″ must be accompanied by an adult on this attraction
  • Children under 42″ must be able to walk on their own and support themselves while seated
  • Due to manufacturer guidelines, infants are not permitted on the rides
  • Gold and Gem Panning is an optional Attraction within the Wilderness Trail is not included in basic entrance fee to the Trail (See “Cultus Gold ‘n Gems” under ATTRACTIONS for details)

Other Important Information

  • Bridge Capacity is 4 persons
  • NO swinging or jumping on bridges
  • NO rough playing … Be courteous to other users
  • Shoes required … Bridges, Decks & Walkways may pose a pinching hazard
  • Must have capacity to follow verbal and written instructions
  • Users must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • All entrants of this attraction must be able to cross on foot / must not be carried over 2 (two) suspension bridges situated about 12 feet above the ground to gain access to all other areas of the playground
  • Strollers and wheelchairs are not permitted
  • Climbing and leaning over bridge safety nets is not allowed
  • Running is not permitted
  • Persons with pregnancy concerns, heart, back, or neck problems or any other serious medical condition must not enter this attraction
  • All entrants responsible for safely securing bags, camera, and other personal belongings
  • Cultus Lake Adventure Park will not be held responsible for any loose, lost, stolen or damaged belongings
  • All entrants assume Risks of Injury, sickness, and liabilities associated with this attraction and the premises

Enjoy at your Own Risk