Project Description

Prospector’s Peak Shooting Gallery

What did the locals do after a hard day of work in the Giggle Ridge saw mills and mines? Why, they’d head out to Western Town, just past the Happy Horse Saloon, and shoot at things with their friends, of course! But, nothin’ spiteful, mind you. Just some good ol’ fun for braggin’ rights.

Now, you and your pals too, can try your hand… and your aim… with Shim the Bear and our little band of furry critters at the Prospector’s Peak Shootin’ Gallery… for braggin’ rights of your own.

How to Play

  • The Prospector’s Peak Attraction is an interactive Shooting game.
  • It accepts coins and tokens.
  • Form a group of 1-3 shooters
  • Choose your rifle or pistol
  • Deposit coin or token, take aim, and shoot for the highest score!

Other Important Details

  • Use of the Prospector’s Peak Attraction is not included with Unlimited Ride Wristband.