Valley of Fear

Valley of Fear

Slide Description

The Valley of Fear is the slide to conquer your fears, or to get a rush of exhilaration! This is BC’s only freefall tube slide. On this slide, you will drop 45 feet with water spraying out the sides and then get shot up the other side of the giant half pipe, only to plunge backwards down again and again. 

Slider Restrictions

  • ICON
  • Valley of Fear
  • (Single or Double rider tube slide)
  • Must be 48″ tall to ride this slide alone.
  • Between 36″ and 48″ tall can ride with an adult.
  • Under 36″ tall are not allowed.
  • No selfie sticks
  • Eyeglasses & Electronic Devices must be securely affixed to rider
  • Max weight/double tube 400 lbs
  • Max weight / tube 300 lbs

Due to Manufacturer and Safety Guidelines, pregnant women and persons with heart conditions and/or head, neck, back troubles, or other serious medical conditions must not use the slides.

Slide Instructions

Before the Ride

  • Wait in line for a tube (single or double) at the bottom
  • Once you are given a tube, you can climb the stairs to the slide
  • Wait until signalled by an attendant to load your tube

During the Ride

  • Remain seated in the tube
  • Hold firmly onto the handles
  • Tuck your chin into your chest
  • Keep bottom off the slide

After the Ride

  • Exit the slide
  • Bring your tube to people waiting in line

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