Tubular Terror

Tubular Terror

Slide Description

Are you afraid of the dark? Tubular Terror is a tube complex with 3 different slides to choose from! First, there is the black hole tube slide, where you can scream your way through the dark until you crash into the pool below. Then, there is the half closed / half open blue slide. This is a fast paced slide that is dark for the first half and opens up during the second half. It’s the perfect ride for those wanting to test their nerve before using the black hole. Finally, there is a blue slide that is completely open for those that aren’t fans of dark or enclosed slides. Three different slides with the same result: fun!

Slider Restrictions

  • ICON
  • Tubular Terror
  • (Single or Double rider tube slide)
  • Must be 48″ tall to ride these slides alone.
  • Between 36″ and 48″ tall can ride with an adult.
  • Under 36″ tall are not allowed.
  • No Selfie Sticks
  • Eyeglasses and Electronic Devices must be securely affixed to sliders
  • Persons with fear of darkness and enclosed places should not use this ride
  • Max weight/double tube 400 lbs.
  • Max weight / tube 300 lbs. 

Slide Instructions

Before The Ride

  • Stand in line for a single or double tube
  • Once you have been handed a tube, make your way up the ramp
  • Wait in line for a black hole or blue flume
  • Keep back until signalled by an attendant

During The Ride

  • Only one tube in the flume at a time
  • Remain seated at all times with feet facing forward
  • Keep arms and hands inside the flumes
  • Hold firmly onto handles
  • Do not stop in the slide
  • Do not rock tubes

After The Ride

  • Do not block the end of the slide
  • Obey all instructions from attendant and exit quickly
  • Place tube on pool deck

Black Hole Slide