Bazooka Bowls

Bazooka Bowl Slides

Slide Description

This exhilarating ride is the for the thrill-seekers visiting the park. The Bazooka Bowls are twin slides that were added to Cultus Lake Waterpark in the Summer of 2013. These slides can only be experienced by individuals who are above 48 inches tall, and are strong swimmers. The ride begins as you cannon through a steep black-hole flume, before emerging with a blast into a giant 30 foot “bowl-shaped” slide. You will swirl and rapidly cycle around for a few turns before drop-landing in the 9 foot pool below. This is easily one of the most extreme slides in the park!

Slider Restrictions

  • ICON
  • Bazooka Bowls
  • (Single rider body slides)
  • Must be a strong swimmer
  • Must be 48″ tall to ride these slides.
  • Under 48″ tall are not allowed.
  • No selfie sticks
  • Eyeglasses & electronic devices must be securely affixed to riders
  • Persons with fear of the dark or enclosed spaces should not use this ride
  • Max weight/slider 300 lbs.

 Due to Manufacturer and Safety Guidelines, pregnant women and persons with heart conditions and/or head, neck, back troubles, or other serious medical conditions must not use the slides.

Slide Instructions


Before the Ride

  • This ride is ONLY for STRONG SWIMMERS
  • If you require a lifeguard rescue, you will be evicted from the waterpark
  • Before the ride you will receive instructions from the lifeguard that must be followed

During the Ride

  • Riders must lie on their backs, interlock their fingers, and place their hands behind their head, and remain in this position for the duration of the slide.

After the Ride

  • Once in the pool below, exit as quickly as possible
  • Use the hand rail if necessary to pull yourself to the side

Black Hole Slide